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Shadows of Asia ist ein Ergänzungsband zum Shadowrun 3th Edition Grundregelwerk, das den kompletten asiatischen Kontinent, Ozeanien und Russland in der Sechsten Welt beschreibt.

Das Buch erschien 2005 als Softcover bei FanPro USA ausschließlich in englischer Sprache.


Cover Shadows of Asia
© FanPro
  • Edition: 3. Edition
  • Art.-Nr.: 25007
  • Titel: Shadows of Asia
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Verlag: FanPro LLC
  • eBook-Ausgabe: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Format: print / eBook
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 231 Seiten
  • Dateigrösse: 16.9 MB
  • Erschienen: 2005
  • Preis: 29,99 $ (print) / 17,60 $ (eBook)
  • ISBN-10: 1-932564-22-5

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter[Bearbeiten]

  • Autoren:
    • Neo-Asia: Brian Cross, Nathanael Jouen & Jason Levine
    • China: Jon Szeto
    • Indian Subcontinent: Peter Taylor & Jason Levine
    • Japan: Malik Toms
    • Middle East: Joäo Nunes & Anthony Bruno
    • Russia and Yakut: Jon Szeto
    • Southeast Asia: Lars Blumenstein, Mikael Brodu, Tobias Hamelmann & Humberto Fonseca
    • Rest of Asia: Humberto Fonseca, Alistair Fräser, Jong-Won Kim & Joäo Nunes
  • Illustrationen:
    • Art Direction: Rob Boyle
    • Cover Artwork: Marc Sasso
    • Cover Design: Adam Jury
    • Layout: Jason Vargas
    • Maps: Mikael Brodu
    • Innen-Illustration: Steven Bagatzky, Peter Bergting, Shane Coppage, Fergus Duggan, Alex Draude, Johan Egerskrans, Jason Glaser, John Gravato, Larry MacDougall, Klaus Scherwinski, Chad Sergesketter, Kevin Wasden


Asia. The East. A land of contrasts, from glittering skyscrapers to humble sacred temples. Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong set the world's accelerated pace of progress, but next door in Indochina and Indonesia it's still last Century. It's a mystery to most, but if you know your drek, you'll find it's a land of opportunity. Anything you want is here. Cred. Gear. Flesh. Hell, I even heard of a guy finding enlightenment. There's always a price, of course, whether it's selling your soul to the corps or your sister to the slave trade.

Shadows of Asia provides Information on each country in Asia, from the internal strife of the Middle East to the enlightened new Japan, from the struggle for power in Russia to the war-torn fungles of Indochina. The important underworld figures, corps, crime outfits and political leaders for each nation are described, along with details on the unique outlook of Asian magical traditions. Maps are included.




Chinese Puzzle[Bearbeiten]

    • Fall of the House of Mao von Lo Fu Chee über den Sturz der Volksrepublik China
    • The Canton Confederation: East Meets West
      • Macao
      • Zhurong Peak
      • South China Sea
      • Neighbors
    • Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone von Hong Kong Cavalier
      • Victoria Harbor
      • Aberdeen
      • Kowloon
      • Lantau
      • The New Territories
    • Manchuria: Power of the People von Weng Chiang
      • Shen Yao-Xiang and the Three Wise Men
      • Spirits of the People
      • The Ta'ren
      • Manchuria and Extraterritoriality
    • Shaanxi: Great Underground Empire von Hei Yu
      • Monarchs to Behold the Swelling Scene
      • And Rouse at the Name of Shaanxi
      • A Kingdom for a Stage, Princes to Act
      • Occasions and Causes in All Things
      • A Peopled Kingdom
    • Beijing: Mandate of Heaven von Mr. Sin
    • Henan: Great Leap Backward von Che Gorilla
      • The Little Red Book (2064 Edition)
      • The Bourgeoisie
      • Champions of the Workers
      • Party Apparatchiks
      • Song Shan
    • Sichuan: Warring State von Hei Yu
      • The Barrel of a Gun
      • Magical Meritocracy
      • Atomic Enlightenment
      • Locations of Interest
    • Other Splinter States über weitere Chinesische Nachfolgestaaten
      • Coastal Provinces: Made in China
      • Western China: Wild, Wild West

Indian Subcontinent[Bearbeiten]


    • Empire at Large von Slashbit
      • Rise of the Japanacorps
      • The Downward Spiral
      • Ring of Fire, Sea of Ash
    • Iron Triangle: The Powers That Be
    • In the Shadows
    • Code of the Salaryman von Slashbit
    • Japan: An Outsider's View von Kai-lin
    • Japan: An Insider's View von Nitoh-Kaii
    • Pop Culture Gone Wild von Sumire
      • Idoru
      • Moe Obsessions
      • Robots
    • Places of Note

The Middle East[Bearbeiten]

Red Storm Rising[Bearbeiten]

Southeast Asia[Bearbeiten]

    • Indochina von Gunpowder
      • Generalities
      • Society
      • The Underworld
      • Indochinese Urban Centers
      • Burma: Corrupted Dream
      • Cambodia: Coveted Ruins
      • The Kashin State: The Green Dove
      • Laos: Shaking the Leash
      • Pattani Islamic Republic: Smuggling Haven
      • The Shan State: The Neverending Fight
      • Thailand: Little Japan
      • Vietnam: Apocalypse Now
      • Yunnan: The Druglords' Garden
    • Shattered Indonesia von Laot
      • Breaking Apart
      • Indonesian Islamism vs. Awakened Animism
      • The Javanese Republic
      • The Sumatran Alliance
      • The Enlightened Kingdom of Bali & Lombok
      • The Dayak Council of Borneo & Sulawesi Bericht von Renraku Australasia
      • The Remaining Malay Archipelago
      • Independent State of New Guinea
      • Mompracen - The Floating Market
    • Malaysia von The Allochron
    • The Philippines von Judy
      • Land of Broken Promises
      • The Hukbo Ng Bayan
      • Laban Sa Hapon
      • The Imperial Prefecture
      • Kaingineros
      • Typhoons of Change
      • Breeding in the Shadows Upload durch Grid Reaper: Bericht von Spriggan an Johan van der Mer

The Rest of Asia[Bearbeiten]

Game Information[Bearbeiten]

    • Traditions within Tradltions
    • China
      • Getting In/Out
      • Running In China
      • Hong Kong Wild Magic
      • Manchurian Magic
      • The Five Sacred Mountains
      • Background Count In Western China
    • Indian Subcontinent
      • Getting In/Out
      • Atmoshere
      • Current Affairs
      • The Ganges
      • The Orissa Network and the Jyotirlinga
      • Tibet
    • Japan
      • Getting In/Out
      • Visas and Landing Permission
      • The Nippon Matrix
      • Running In Japan
      • Japanese Magic
    • Middle East
      • Getting In/Out
      • Running In the Middle East
      • Middle East Adventure Ideas
    • Russia and Yakut
      • Russia
      • Yakut
    • Southeast Asia
      • Getting In/Out
      • Running In Indochina
      • Running In Malaysia
      • Running In the Philippines
    • The Rest of Asia
      • Korea
      • Mongolia
      • Oceania
      • Turkestan
    • Border Crossing

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