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Shadowrun: Missions - Denver ist eine Kampagne für die vierte Edition von Shadowrun, die von Catalyst Games Lab ausschließlich im Pdf-Format und nur in englischer Sprache veröffentlicht und auf ihrer Homepage kostenlos zum Download bereitgestellt wurde.

Sie erschien in Form der einzelnen Abenteuer in gewissem zeitlichen Abstand, und ist mittlerweile abgeschlossen. Zum Spielen benötigen die Spieler und vor allem der Spielleiter das einleitende "Denver: City of Shadows"-Pdf (von dem auch die deutsche Übersetzung bei Pegasus online verfügbar ist).

Wichtig ist außerdem die Lektüre folgender Seiten:

  • World View - Erläuterung zu den Grundlagen für die Missions, Setting, Powerniveau etc. (shtml, englisch)
  • Players Information - Charakter Creation-Guidelines für die Missions (shtml, englisch)

und für die Spielleiter:

Der Pegasus Verlag hatte 2009, mit freiwilligen Übersetzern aus den Reihen der Foren-Nutzer damit begonnen, die Abenteuer zu übersetzen, und sie nun in deutscher Sprache als Pdf zum kostenlosen Download anzubieten. Übersetzt und als Pdf zur Verfügung gestellt wurden allerdings nur die Stadtbeschreibung Denvers für die "Missions"-Kampagne sowie die erste der Missions, "Parliament of Thieves".

Missions: Denver[Bearbeiten]


Nummer Abenteuer Beschreibung Credits
SRM2-01 Parliament of Thieves A simple smuggling job. Get the goods from the Koshari. Deliver it to the Mafia. Avoid the Yakuza, the Triads, the UCAS border patrol, and the Zone Defense Force. Just another day in the Front Range Free Zone. John Dunn (Writer), Rob Boyle (Line Developer), Stephen McQuillan, Rene Hess (Proofreaders), Rob Boyle (Art Direction), Patrick Sullivan (Character Art), Andy Coen, Cullen Erbacher (Cover Design and Missions Logo), Andy Coen, Stephen McQuillan (Maps)
SRM2-02 Best Served Cold Revenge, corporate interference and dealings with the mafia, it's all part of the day to day life of shadowrunners. When a high-ranking executive gets involuntarily extracted though, it's time for a team of deniable assets to bring him back.
SRM2-03 The Grab The shadows can be a dirty place to make a living, but a runner’s got to make end’s meet somehow. When opportunity calls, you answer. But when answering that call involves extracting an eleven-year-old girl as part of an elaborate and bizarre extortion scheme, the shadows can get much dirtier… and some stains can never be washed out.
SRM2-04 Thrash the Body Electric The fewer strings attached to a job, the better. At least that's what you've been telling yourself. Now you'll find out if having the power in your hands will be everything you expected, or just a shortcut to electrocution.
SRM2-05 Through a Rose Colored Display Link When a ranking hacker of the Mob becomes prime suspect in a crime he didn't commit (this time), putting heat on the business, you are called in to deliver some family justice against those who framed him.
SRM2-06 The Flip Side When the choice comes down to your reputation or your life, most runners choose to keep breathing. Now a team is needed to find out why a smuggler cut his losses and ran at the first sign of heat.
SRM2-07 An Ounce of Prevention So that local street doc has just saved your sorry hoop yet again. You know they're strapped for more than cash. So when the doc needs a line on some meds...well, here's your chance to "pay it forward."
SRM2-08 Chasing the Dragon An innocent little girl is dead, and a killer still lives. A local arms dealer out for vengeance intends to fix that. To right this grievous wrong, a team of shadowrunners are going to have to help her chase The Dragon.
SRM2-09 Tunnel Vision Thousands of tunnels in a forgotten sewer system. Seven lost explorers. One survivor.
SRM2-10 Twist and Insult Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Girl kills leader of boy's gang to promote him. Can these two lovers survive go-gang politics long enough to unite their warring gangs or will they be subsumed in the violent struggle which is everyday life in Aurora.
SRM2-11 Rising Sin Who said you should never mix business with pleasure? After dealing with a timeless love story, the runners hit a casino and brothel to steal a file. So, get ready to indulge in a little high-stakes gambling and spend some time in the tender care of the "employees." Just don't forget it's a job!
SRM2-12 Winter Wonderland Mr. Johnson lost cargo high in the mountains. He wants you to go in, schmooze the snow bunnies, dare the expert runs, and watch out for snow snakes. Oh and bring the cargo back. It's not just a job it's a vacation.
SRM2-13 Take-Out Service There is always a price to be paid when organizations grow and expand and no one wants to be left holding the check. Blackmail and kidnapping, of course, are acceptable ways to convince someone else to pay the tab...
SRM2-14 Wetwork, Pure and Simple When you run in the shadows, a day where you aren't working is a day were you aren't getting paid. Sometimes survival means taking whatever run comes your way. When the choice is between wetwork and not eating, it isn't much of a choice.
SRM2-15 Critical Care DocWagon patients are going missing. No way it could be your fault, right? Maybe you should check into it, just in case.
SRM2-16 Primal Forces When precious resources are in transit in Denver, it's difficult for the various factions to stay idle. When nearly every faction has a reason to try to get them, many decisions are left to the runners about their allegiances.
SRM2-17 Patient Zero Wheels within wheels. An unexpected Johnson leads to a messy situation. Who's pulling whose strings? You'll need to answer that before the Yakuza lose their patience.
SRM2-18 A Very Bad Day As a fierce storm hits Denver, new opportunities arise for the team. Of course, some days just getting to work can be an adventure.
SRM2-19 By Any Means Necessary Deniable assets work on jobs that require out of the box solutions. When the Johnson says "by any means necessary," that just opens the door to choices and trouble.
SRM2-20 Career Path Everybody hates their job sometimes. One poor wageslave just decided to do something about it... only now his boss wants YOU to do something about THAT.
SRM2-21 Happenstance What could be simpler? Do a little research, play a little follow the leader and come home. The job is even easier when you've eyeballed the principals beforehand. But you know what they say about mice, men, shadowrunners and their carefully constructed plans.
SRM2-22 Backlash Sometimes a run goes well. Other times it goes badly. Then, there are those times where you get caught up in the middle of someone else's run. Those you try really hard to forget. Good luck forgetting!
SRM2-23 Prodigal Son How does the old saying go? "Steal from me once, shame on you. Steal from me twice, shame on me?" How about the third or fourth time? How many times in a row can you steal the same thing from the same people and not get caught. Wanna find out?
SRM2-24 Hubris and Humility The road to power has had its own set of hardships and now alliances must be reforged or broken. Be careful of which turn you take, be cause it can all come crashing down.
SRM2-25 Done Deal The shadows have heated up, and it may be time to leave while you can. The question becomes, is it time to hold 'em or time to fold 'em?

Hinweis: Jeder der Weblinks führt auf eine Seite, auf der jeweils zwei Pdfs zum Download zur Verfügung stehen - "Part One", das eigentliche Abenteuer, und "Part Two: Player Handouts".

Da die offizielle Kampagne abgeschlossen ist, ist das Feedback-Forum dazu, wo man den Erfolg oder Misserfolg der eigenen Gruppe bei den einzelnen Abenteuern melden konnte, nicht mehr in Betrieb.


  1. SRM02-01: Parlament der Diebe] (pdf, deutsch)
    SRM02-01: Parlament der Diebe - Connections (pdf, deutsch)
    (nicht mehr online, Stand: 08.01.2016)


Die Auflistung der einzelnen Missions basiert in ihrer gegenwärtigen Form auf dem Artikel Shadowrun Missions - Denver in der Shadowhelix, der dort unter GNUFDL steht. Autor dort ist Benutzer "Loki".