Convention Mission Pack 2013

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Das Convention Mission Pack 2013 (kurz: CMP 2013) sind eine Reihe von insgesamt acht einzelnen "Missions", die von der "Season Five"-Missions-Kampagne unabhängig sind und - zumindest teilweise - nicht in Seattle spielen.

Sie sind speziell für den Einsatz auf Conventions wie z. B. dem Origins Game Fair 2013 gedacht, wo sie interessierten Shadowrun-Spieler neben den regulären Missions der "Season Five" angeboten werden. Im Gegensatz zu den regulären "Shadowrun: Missions - Season Four" sind sie allerdings nicht als eBook käuflich zu erwerben.


CMP 2013-01 Dragon's Song 1: Jailbreak Rock[Bearbeiten]

If the payday is high enough, are you willing to bust a dragon out of a Denver jail? Shadowrun 5th Living Campaign. Help a fellow Runner out. A fellow Chummer is locked behind bars in Denver and is looking for help getting out. Brave the Cold and the Dragon to help a Runner.

CMP 2013-02 Dragon's Song 2: Berlin Waltz[Bearbeiten]

Escort an injured Mr. Johnson to Berlin, with a dragon's minions on your tail! Shadowrun 5th Living Campaign. Welcome to Deutschland, come for the Schnitzel stay for the Neu-yen. When Mr. Johnson needs a hand moving some valuble items who's he gonna call.

CMP 2013-03 Dragon's Song 3: Neo Tokyo Fusion[Bearbeiten]

The Ragin' Gaijin are the hottest indy band in Neo-Tokyo, but now they need to be rescued. Shadowrun 5th Living Campaign. Mr. Johnson's favorite Japanese Pop band has gone Missing, help locate the missing Musicians and the Wasabi Rolls are on him, Fail and you may find yourself turning Japanese.

CMP 2013-04 Dragon's Song 4: Ballroom Blitz[Bearbeiten]

There's a party at Underworld 93 and everyone's invited. Everyone. Shadowrun 5th Living Campaign. All roads lead to Seattle, Mr Johnson has one last run, to protect his assets from would be Assassins. Enjoy all the fine Dining Downtown has to may be your last night on the town.

CMP 2013-05 Dangerous Games 1: Rolling the Dice[Bearbeiten]

Welcome to the Sixth World, shadowrunner. This time, your fixer has you lined up for a job in the California Free State. It's a straightforward acquisition from Ares Arms - or at least that's what you're told.

CMP 2013-06 Dangerous Games 2: Double Down[Bearbeiten]

Deeper into the shadows of San Francisco and CalFree! The shadowrunners must recover a drone shot down in the mountains. Out of the city and into the wilderness - fresh air, fresh challenges, and fresh ways to get fragged...

CMP 2013-07 Dangerous Games 3: Full House[Bearbeiten]

A big part of being a shadowrunner is breaking things for money. This time, Mr. Johnson wants you to break an entire MCT facility. No smash & grab, just smash! But is it really that simple?

CMP 2013-08 Dangerous Games 4: Going for Broke[Bearbeiten]

One more job in San Francisco, CalFree. A simple bodyguard job, keeping a computer programmer safe. Easy nuyen, right? Sure, chummer, if you say so... Theres a hit out for a software designer, and its your job to keep him alive. Think you can pull it off?