Convention Mission Pack 2016

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Convention Mission Pack 2016 (kurz: CMP 2016) sind eine Reihe von insgesamt acht einzelnen "Missions", die von der "Season Six"-Missions-Kampagne unabhängig sind und nicht in Chicago spielen Sie gliedern sich in zwei Gruppen, "BBQ Bob", die scheinbar in Kansas City stattfinden, und "World Tour", die die Runner an exotische Schauplätze außerhalb Nordamerikas führt.

Sie sind speziell für den Einsatz auf Conventions wie z. B. dem Origins Game Fair 2016 und GenCon 2016 gedacht, wo sie interessierten Shadowrun-Spieler neben den regulären Missions der "Season Six" angeboten werden. Im Gegensatz zu den regulären "Shadowrun: Missions - Season Six" sind sie allerdings nicht als eBook käuflich zu erwerben.


BBQ Bob[Bearbeiten]

CMP 2016-01 - Broke Down in KC[Bearbeiten]

The definitive Maria Mecurial tribute singer has gone missing, but why? Engine trouble lands your team in KC. Coincidentally, a local Mr. Johnson has a milk run for you. Quick and easy nuyen, right?

CMP 2016-02 - The Midwest Farmer's Daughter[Bearbeiten]

Allied with the KC Mob, Agri-Seeds, is expanding and everyone sells… or else. A team is hired to protect an executive’s family from aggressive negotiations during an attempted hostile takeover. Simple and easy, right?

CMP 2016-03 - Today Isn't Your Day, Tomorrow Isn't Looking Good Either[Bearbeiten]

What happens when the hit team becomes the targets?

CMP 2016-04 - Mage Without A Face[Bearbeiten]

The mob loves hitters, but they love cleaning up loose ends even more.

World Tour[Bearbeiten]

CMP 2016-05 - Casablanca[Bearbeiten]

After a successful run, you have three days to wait in the legendary African port city before your contact shows up with your payment. What could possibly go wrong?

CMP 2016-06 - Cape Town[Bearbeiten]

Maybe this time you can actually lay low while laying low. With any luck, you won’t run into the same trouble on the southern end of the continent that you did on the northern end.

CMP 2016-07 - Mumbai[Bearbeiten]

There’s one problem in hiding needles amidst a stack of needles. Everyone is sharp.

CMP 2016-08 - Singapore[Bearbeiten]

In a city locked down by the most prolific police force on the planet, opportunity abounds for the intrepid shadowrunner. The only question being is the job worth the cost?