Montreal 2074

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Montreal 2074 ist ein Ergänzungsband für die vierte Edition von Shadowrun, der die Stadt Montréal in der République de Québec im Jahr 2074 beschreibt.

Er wurde von Catalyst Games Lab am 18. Dezember 2012 in englischer Sprache und ausschließlich als eBook (Pdf mit Wasserzeichen) veröffentlicht.


  • Art.-Nr.: E-CAT26S026
  • Titel: Montreal 2074
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Verlag: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Format: nur eBook (Pdf mit Wasserzeichen)
  • Seitenzahl: 21 Seiten
  • Dateigrösse: 2.54 MB
  • Erschienen: 18.12.2012
  • Preis: 5,99 $

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Great White Shadows

Bikers and go-gangs roam the streets of Montreal in 2074. Organized crime outfits struggle for territory. And neo-anarchists add spice and danger to the streets. All this would seem to be nothing more than lawless chaos except for one thing — money. Cheap real estate and savvy moves by the megacorporations have brought some cash into town, and a new city is being built on the remains of the old. And as every runner knows, when you shine the light of money onto the darkness of a ruined city, you get one thing: shadows

Montreal 2074 gives adventurous runners the chance to take their talents to a new locale, doing business on the isle of Montreal. Whether they are dodging the gangs of the West Island or looking to bargain with the Mafiosi of Saint Leonard, runners will find plenty of opportunities in Montreal. They just need to make sure they don’t end up as part of the piles of rubble—and they also need to watch out for the fast, brutal group known as Les Frères Chasseurs.

Montreal 2074 contains information on neighborhoods, gangs, and activities that bring the city to life in the Sixth World setting. With plot hooks and NPC stats, the book provides everything players and gamemasters need to take a trip to the Great White North.

Montreal 2074 is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


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