A Kiss to Die For

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A Kiss to Die For ist eine Shadowrun-Kurzgeschichte von Jennifer Brozek.

Sie wird von Catalyst Games Lab am 17. Juni 2020 als eNovella in englischer Originalsprache veröffentlicht.


  • Art.-Nr.: CAT26006NV
  • Titel: A Kiss to Die For
  • Typ: Kurzfiction (eNovella)
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Verlag: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Format: nur eBook
  • Dateiformat: Kindle Ausgabe / mobi & ePub
  • Dateigröße: 3134 KB (Amazon) / 4.4 (MB DriveThru)
  • Seitenzahl: 91 Seiten (Amazon) / 90 Seiten (DriveThru)
  • Erschienen: 17. Juni 2020
  • Preis: 2,99 $
  • ASIN: B089SN3GBW

Autoren, Illustratoren und Mitarbeiter:[Bearbeiten]



When Sartorial meets Kintsugi at a jabber — an illegal warehouse party — he falls hard and fast for the beautiful human girl. She is everything he didn’t know he wanted — and everything his family hates.

Kintsugi is drawn to the handsome elf boy like no other, but her future has already been planned. A future she intends to thwart. But now there’s something worth staying around for, she’s torn over what to do.

Unfortunately, they both have secrets that will not be kept, and powerful families that have their own goals. It seems like the entire world is trying to keep them apart. Can Sartorial and Kintsugi overcome all obstacles to be together — even after their secrets are revealed?

Note: This purchase contains two files: an ebook file compatible with most ereaders, and a .mobi file for use with the Kindle.

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