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Adversary ist eine Kurzgeschichte von Russel Zimmerman, die sich mit seinem Helden, dem P.I. Jimmy Kincaid, und dessen Verhältnis zu seinem Idol, dem Widersacher beschäftigt.

Sie wurde am 12. Januar 2020 von Catalyst Games Lab in englischer Originalsprache als eBook (ePub- und Mobi/Kindle-Format) veröffentlicht, und ist u. a. bei Amazon erhältlich. Seit dem 13.01.2020 ist sie auch als Pdf bei DriveThru RPG verfügbar, dort als Enhanced Fiction, mit Spielwerten und Regeln - u. a. für den Schutzgeist Widersacher und Jimmy Kincaids aufgemotzten Wagen.


  • Art.-Nr.: E-CAT26062S
  • Titel: Adversary
  • Edition: 6. Edition
  • Typ: Kurzgeschichte / Enhanced Fiction
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Catalyst Game Labs
  • Format: nur eBook
  • Dateiformat: ePub & Mobi / Kindle (Amazon) / Pdf (DriveThru RPG)
  • Dateigröße: 3589 KB (ePub/Mobi) / 0.64 MB (Pdf)
  • Seitenzahl: 24 Seiten
  • Erschienen: 12. Januar 2020 (ePub/Mobi) / 13. Januar 2020 (Pdf)
  • Preis: 1,10 $ (Amazon) / 0,99 $ (DriveThru RPG)

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter:[Bearbeiten]



A New Shadowrun Short Story!

Most Awakened folks in the Sixth World have Mentor Spirits to help them navigate the vast, often confusing world of magic. Many times, the mage chooses a spirit that compliments them, and can help them out in tough situations.

And then there’s Jimmy Kincaid.

Kincaid’s never been one for taking the easy road, and to say his life is complicated is like saying water’s wet. And when a simple trace job leads to a nest of Humanis thugs that have captured a metahuman hostage, well the voice of his Mentor Spirit isn’t whispering peace and goodwill in the P.I.’s ear.

Because Kincaid’s Mentor Spirit is Adversary … and Adversary just wants to see the world burn… Will Jimmy resist his mentor’s siren call of death and destruction… or give in to those darker instincts and just level the entire place?

DriveThru RPG:[Bearbeiten]

Listen Carefully
They say everyone’s got a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, giving them advice and trying to influence them. Well, in the Sixth World, the angel’s drunk in a gutter somewhere, and the devil Just. Won’t. Shut. Up. What’s worse, three-quarters of the time, that devil’s advice sounds downright reasonable and even moral compared to the drek the powers of the world regularly preach.

Jimmy Kincaid’s got a devil on his shoulder in the form of Adversary, his mentor spirit, but he’s always prided himself on his ability to put himself in danger all by himself. A simple stakeout with the goal of shaking some alimony out of a delinquent ex becomes much more complicated, and Kincaid finds himself going up against people who don’t need devils on their shoulders, because they regularly surround themselves with people worse than any demon.

Adversary is enhanced fiction for Shadowrun, Sixth World, featuring a new short story plus game rules, including a new mentor spirit and stats for Jimmy Kincaid’s custom ride.


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