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@shadowland2054 ist ein offizieller Twitteraccount, der Ingame-Nachrichten aus den 2050er Jahren verbreitet. Er wurde im Dezember 2012 (Realzeit) von Catalyst Games Lab für die Bewerbung des in Entwicklung befindlichen, via Kickstarter finanzierten Computerspiels Shadowrun Returns eingerichtet.


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Orktober 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Orktober 2054
2054-10-06 4:34 PM MOM/SOS combined rally, #Laubenstein Plaza Seattle, 10/10/54 13:00. #fuckhumanis Link
2054-10-03 10:04 AM Arise, human brothers and sisters. Claim your rightful place in society! #HumanisForever Link
2054-10-02 7:40 AM #AZTLAN: Yucatan rebels bomb an oil refinery, killing 127 workers. #KSAF Link
2054-10-01 7:44 AM Hiring discreet professionals with no obvious mods. Contact #MrJohnson741 for details. Sorry, no trolls. Link

September 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
September 2054
2054-09-30 6:52 AM Don’t mess with #TongsTalismans in Renton. Guy has a fraggin’ talis cat stashed in the back room. #herekitty Link
2054-09-29 10:43 AM Heads up, chummers! The McHughBBQ is back starting 9/30/54! Limited time! #getemwhileyoucan #tastygoodness Link
2054-09-28 7:53 AM Heads up, fans! Combat Biker Teddy “#Terminator” Tartikoff will be signing and posing at #TheBigScore 9/30 from 12:00 to 14:00 Link
2054-09-27 12:22 PM Yeehaw! Just picked up a LAV-98 "Devil Rat," slightly used. Now to find somewhere I can cruise around in it w/out getting busted. > Wheeler Link
2054-09-26 5:55 AM The British Royal Family visited Fort Lewis in Seattle yesterday; Fort Lewis Spokesman Seamus LeGuinne reported that casualties were light. Link
2054-09-25 6:55 AM #Mariners owner Einsdorff denies rumors that the team may move to Oakland, CalFree …"if we get the changes we want in Kingdome management.” Link
2054-09-24 10:10 AM #HKB just bought out a majority share of #TransysNeuronet, cheaply, after the "Jack The Ripper" scandal. > Keynesian Kid Link
2054-09-23 5:36 AM My best street contact just up and joined the UB. He’s quitting ditchweed and BTLs. Anyone else find these guys too good to be true? > Yankee Link
2054-09-21 4:14 AM Anybody seen the new Hatamoto? Corp suits roaming the streets packing handguns chambered for shotgun rounds. Fragging phenomenal. >Chuckie Link
2054-09-17 6:18 PM A Spirit Air jumbo jet crashed in the Andes Mountains Monday morning. Rescuers remain cut off from the remote crash site. > Clutch Link
2054-09-15 9:56 AM Explosion in old #Brookyln-Battery Tunnels 2nite. Corp hazmat teams moving in while Battery City Boys scurry out like d-rats > Jersey Devil Link
2054-09-13 3:39 PM CBC just posted seriously X-rated pics of Ms. Portland. There is no chance she keeps her crown. #deepskinisbeauty Link
2054-09-09 9:39 AM @SPD That meet last night was yaks and the local mob. Crime summit in Redmond? > Rita Roulette Link
2054-09-09 7:12 AM Day no.123 of eating nuthin but @StufferShack pizza and soy-wings. Will heart attack or Red Samurai kill me 1st? #lifeofaShadowrunner Link
2054-09-07 2:41 PM Wild Temu now endangered—sign our petition to outlaw capture and hunting of this awakened creature! #SavetheWildTemu Link
2054-09-05 9:45 AM Lone Star in the CAS” post DDoS’d—enjoy, chummers! #Shadowland #GotServed #LOL >TheGingerbreadMan Link
2054-09-03 2:00 PM Found an awesome hat. Wouldn’t fit over my horns. :’( #SixthWorldProblems Link
2054-09-01 10:17 AM Magemasks suck, especially when you’re hungover. > Darkstar #donttrythisathome Link

August 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
August 2054
2054-08-30 7:52 AM Two years ago the first bioware models were released to the public. Time to check back and talk about what's going on:
"2 Years Later—Bioware"
Shadowland Link
2054-08-28 8:03 AM @TommyZee: I’m coming for you, drekhead. I know where you are and I know where you live. > Corona Link
2054-08-26 7:13 AM I have “Take it to Mister” stuck in my head. Fragging @MariaMercurial ;) #earworms Link
2054-08-24 09:53 AM Paying good nuyen for intel on the #DTeam. IDs, files, etc., the more the better. >Dragonslayer Link
2054-08-20 3:42 PM Tragic 'accident' over the Atlantic: The Crete Dig - and what was lost Shadowland > Wordsmyth Link
2054-08-20 3:41 PM RT if you too would take a bullet for your #cyberdeck :’( >FinnMcCool Link
2054-08-18 9:16 AM Ork, troll subjects wanted for psych study in Seattle area. Requires two-week residency on site. Top rates paid on successful completion. Link
2054-08-14 12:26 AM Who here has heard about this 2XS stuff? #BTL Link
2054-08-12 9:43 AM #Emdenarkoblock is finally finished … ‘bout time. GJ @ProteusAG >VielGluck Link
2054-08-10 11:20 AM Tragedy in Tokyosemi-ballistic flight crashes short of runway—over 100 discovered dead so far. Runners, terrorists, other? #tokyo Link
2054-08-08 8:23 AM I have a half-dozen Ruger pistols for sale. Only slightly used. > Crash Link
2054-08-06 6:03 AM Huge crowd out here in Discovery Park. Didn’t know there were this many orks and trolls in the sprawl #standwithPreacher Link
2054-08-04 5:55 AM 405 Hellhounds hosting this year’s first major go-gang drag race tonight on I-405. Betting nodes close @ 8PM. #‎crashandburn‬ Link
2054-08-02 9:42 AM Something big is brewing in the metahuman rights arena. "Stand with Preacher …" Shadowland > Bullet Train Link
2054-08-01 4:54 PM Best devil rat recipes! Turn pests into dishes your friends will rave over using ingredients everyone has on hand! #‎CritterCuisine Link

Juli 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Juli 2054
2054-07-31 4:21 PM New in Seattle, need tips on places selling good runner gear for “plus size” (read: troll) chicks. Bonus if they have formalwear. > Petunia Link
2054-07-28 11:49 AM Remember all those bad things I said about #DocWagon? I take them all back. #intestinesbelonginside > Krilly Link
2054-07-24 3:55 AM If you’re heading to the Seamstresses’ Union, stay away from Mitzi. Don’t ask how I know. #itburns Link
2054-07-22 5:44 AM Anyone headed to ‪#‎HongKong‬? Contact me for a possible courier job. Mostly legal, some risk involved. > Crane Link
2054-07-20 8:31 PM Beef between Meat Junkies and Ancients splinter called Elven Fire left extra chunky people-sauce all over Tacoma Docks last night. > Riser Link
2054-07-19 5:32 AM Unleash your inner potential! Join the #UniversalBrotherhood today! Link
2054-07-17 5:07 AM Mitsuhama Computer Technologies today denied reports that its military forces are using the waters near Hawai'i for training. > Tonga Link
2054-07-15 4:11 AM #Waffles taste better in astral space. > Flyer Link
2054-07-13 5:35 AM ATTN Runners: #NewsNet seeking short newsblips (<50 words) on consequences of your runs. No names, no events, just results. #SN-I Link
2054-07-11 1:56 PM Live your erotic dreams in the Matrix! Sleaze your way to #Club Rule34—Specials this week on #Lofwyr and #AuntSally! Link
2054-07-09 4:38 PM The new #Neil the Ork Barbarian sim is AMAZING! His best yet! Link
2054-07-07 2:40 PM NERPS ate my baby! #nerpsforlife Link
2054-07-05 3:10 AM #TírTairngire militaryforces lock down Crater Lake! They're setting up major defenses. Speculation & scuttlebutt here: "Crater Lake Lockdown" … Shadowland > Merlin Link
2054-07-03 6:34 AM Tuesday Special at #BigRhino! Rhino Burgers 2 for 1 if you bring a human or elf guest! #walkonthewildside Link
2054-07-01 3:56 AM Real life? Why bother? Get the newest #SimTech cranial simdeck and dream your troubles away ... Link

Juni 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Juni 2054
2054-06-29 4:20 AM My boyfriend disappeared Downtown last night. Human, redhead, goes by @Toro. Heard the #Disassemblers were around. Paying for info. > Z-man Link
2054-06-27 11:34 AM Stay away from the Arcology tomorrow. The Scatterbrains are planning to spray-paint the tourists. Could get ugly. #weirdshit Link
2054-06-25 2:33 PM JetBlack Lives! #rockneverdies #spreadtheword Link
2054-06-23 2:59 PM Best prices paid for exotic critter parts, the more exotic the better. > Mr. Johnson Link
2054-06-21 3:29 PM Have you checked out the latest Surdar trid? "Review: Sundar the Savage" … Shadowland > Everyone's Critic Link
2054-06-20 7:54 PM What’s with all the extra IC around the #StufferShack in East Renton yesterday? Nearly got fried by a meatball in mirrorshades! Link
2054-06-19 3:22 PM Any magical types going to the Hairy Krishna show on Friday? Shoot me a message. Got some work for the right person. #sasquatchrock > Raver Link
2054-06-16 3:38 PM Weapons World for all your firearms needs! Mention this ad for 10% off Colt Manhunter and Uzi III. #bangbang Link
2054-06-14 3:52 AM @ all the troll and ork chicas out there: Sassy started a discussion on safe and fabulous fashion. Join it! "The big girls guide to fitting in and looking fabulous" … Shadowland > Sassy Link
2054-06-13 12:57 PM Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 for #DarwinsBastards at the #MayhemLounge. Bring your attitude (and your body armor!) Link.
2054-06-11 2:71 AM Seeking shadowrunners for new reality show! “Shadows and Lies” pits runner teams against each other for big payoffs! More info soon! #CBC Link
2054-06-09 3:59 AM Looking for somebody who can give me a “real” tour of the Underground. No tourist crap. > BillyV Link
2054-06-07 1:37 AM Grondo has left the Shadows to join the Universal Brotherhood - hopefully he doesn’t get in over his head. "I'm joining the Universal Brotherhood"… Shadowland >Grondo Link
2054-06-05 6:05 AM A cybersnoop got me footage of Andrea Frost and Maria Mercurial having a full-on backstage screaming match. Ping me if u want a copy. >Chic Link
2054-06-03 5:08 AM Still no Precogs showing up. Makes me disappointed in Mr. Dick. >Plan 9 Link
2054-06-01 6:37 AM Tully has agreed to share valuable insights on the inner workings of the Ork underground. "A Runner's Guide to the Ork Underground" … Shadowland >Tully Link

Mai 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Mai 2054
2054-05-31 11:31 PM "Thanks for the #NERPS mine suggestion, Turbine. Finally used it to escape from the shipyards down town." >Hangfire Link
2054-05-29 6:19 AM The things I do for money. I’m on FedBoeing’s HeavenSent corporate dating site for a corporate extract. >LonleyTrollBeefcake Link
2054-05-27 7:48 AM #Odd Coven: Murray goes on astral quest, Felix & Oscar cover for him while his occult shop is overrun when trid star Suki RedFlower stops by Link
2054-05-24 8:57 PM It’s Friday, hopefully there’s enough peace tonight so I can finish planning a run. >Argent Link
2054-05-24 6:22 AM #OddCoven: Oscar goes on blind date, almost gets extracted by shadowrunners. But he’s not the magician they’re looking for. >VacuumTubeBaby Link
2054-05-20 6:50 AM #OddCoven Felix borrowed Oscar’s herbal fetishes to impress a woman by cooking dinner. Waiting for concoction 2 summon some spirit from oven Link
2054-05-18 1:50 PM It’s a miserable day to work. I’m staying home with soy-processed meals and cinnamon-sugar flavor packets. >NuYen Nick Link
2054-05-16 7:44 AM #OddCoven: ZeusWerks hires new guy who’s into Voodoo. Felix & Oscar find little straw men that look familiar, get scared. >VacuumTubeBaby Link
2054-05-14 10:28 PM I’m not really a cat person, but now there’s two occupying my flat. I feel like I should buy a scratching post for them. >Wolf Link
2054-05-13 6:21 AM #BioTechnics, Pumping you up! Link
2054-05-12 10:47 AM Raining today in #Seattle (what’s new). #DevilRats have gotten into the basement. I was so hoping to conserve ammo. >NightShade Link
2054-05-10 12:20 PM Wondering what's on the trid this year? Shadowland >VacuumTubeBaby
(via Cpt. Chaos)
2054-05-09 12:41 PM There goes my holiday plans. Somebody used The Fillmore for an extraction job. No concert tonight. >Traveler Jones Link
2075-05-07 8:56 AM Mr. Johnson’s paying too much for surveillance milk run. Need 2 convince the others 2 do legwork on why we’re stalking Mr. Yates. >Nightfire Link
2075-05-05 4:19 AM Sad-Eyed Angel Falls Rocks! Oz-Man Forever!!! >PinballWizard Link
2075-05-03 9:13 AM What's your opinion on Awakened, Cybered-Up and Trolls in Basketball? Let us know at Shadowland... Shadowland >NETNEWS
(via >Cpt. Chaos)
2075-05-01 8:30 AM A fuzzy black cat followed me home today. Don’t know why, but I bought soymilk for it. >Wolf Link

April 2054[Bearbeiten]

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April 2054
2075-04-29 5.50 AM Shadowland is all abuzz comparing photos of #EhrantheScribe and #WalterBrightwater. Like there could be an elf born before 2011. Link
2075-04-27 10.16 AM Said it before, saying it again: #Run-Flats! Always! Need a lift from Valley Fwy, near Edgewood. My rigger’s still stuck in the parking lot Link
2075-04-25 12.33 PM Ugh! All I got is a slab of mycoprotein and a couple of Atzlan hot sauce flavor packets for breakfast. I’d rather have #NERPS. >Findler-Man Link
2075-04-24 3:12 AM Asteroid 2024G misses the earth this year, though Ares satellite Hera will not let it pass by. >Watchtheskies Link
2075-04-23 7:27 AM Fire-filled hailstones hit Dallas. #Lonestar believes it’s ritual magic. I believe it’s something more, but need more analysis >StormJockey Link
2054-04-21 3:38 AM Managed to recoup my losses by selling Goblin Rigger’s ride to the #Organ Grinder. >Goblinriggersucks Link
2075-04-19 6:35 AM The Tír's isolationism is getting worse. If you are interested in Tír politics or smuggling, check out this article: "April Madness"' Shadowland >Monitor
(via >Cpt. Chaos)
2054-04-18 7:44 AM The #SeamstressesUnion finally serves #CorporateBastardAle. Made the wait for my client tolerable. >Traveler Jones Link
2054-04-16 4:33 AM Anyone know the doc costs with BuMoNa? I got a little over my head yesterday in the old country with the Raubritter. >ShermanPattonBradley Link
2054-04-14 8:26 AM Taking the #Shinkanse to #San Francisco with a fat credstick. Lates #Seattle. >Traveler Jones Link
2054-04-13 11:16 AM Heavy rain in Seattle. Gangs are moving out of flooded territories. Be wary of the 512 freeway, the Cutters are moving to higher ground Link
2054-04-12 9:36 PM Late batch of downloads slipped in at the end there! Code word: stormbreaks Link
2054-04-11 9:48 AM I see a rainbow over the #Renraku Arcology. Maybe it’s a good omen. >NuYen Nick Link
2054-04-09 6:08 PM Fraggin’ CAS is also attempting to ban the Yann Orchid. Like that’s really going to stop the sale of galak. >LegalizeYann Link
2054-04-07 6:20 AM Good morning Seattle! Can you make your coffin hotel rooms any smaller? >Traveler Jones Link
2054-04-04 3:01 PM Today's hot button topic on Shadowland: Urban Mana Lines and what influence they have on spellslingers: "Urban manalines - what does it mean"… Shadowland >Rockhound
(via >Cpt. Chaos)
2054-03-04 1:39 PM Argent, who was that shadowrunner you were eating with last night at Purple Haze? A street star in the making? > Connie Connoisseur Link
2054-04-01 7:01 AM Scan this: I saw two sets of limos roll up to the Redmond Center Hotel five minutes ago. Couldn’t get close enough for faces. > SPD Link

März 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
März 2054
2054-03-30 7:47 AM Sure, Black Hammer is all the media rage these days, but if you’ve scanned serious IC lately, let us know about it. > Dead Deckers Society Link
2054-03-28 4:35 PM The Watcher spirit I conjured by The Joke in Redmond was way stronger than I expected. Anyone else finding magical hot spots? > Winterhawk Link
2054-03-27 10:25 AM If Connie Connoisseur gets geeked for shooting off her mouth, I promise it wasn’t me. > Argent Link
2054-03-24 11:50 AM Love Stoned is the hottest BTL in the ‘plex. Even if you don’t slot the stuff, you gotta respect the attention it is getting. #BTLisbetter Links
2054-03-22 3:17 PM Is the Universal Brotherhood on to something? More and more persons gone missing "Missing Persons" … Shadowland >Trey Link
2054-03-21 8:41 AM An Ares weapons shipment went missing earlier today. In other news, big sale going on at the Crime Mall. > Wolf Link
2054-03-19 7:29 PM Someone hit Nightingale’s Body Shop last night. Most of the freezers are empty. What’s left looks … eaten. > SPD Link
2054-03-17 08:25 AM Not a whole lot of Irish luck happening today. Another run in with Chimera ends with a body count. > Yankee Link
2054-03-16 12:36 PM Fraggin’ Johnson paid me for the run with a screamer! Always check the cred before you walk out the door. #Johnsondoublecross Link
2054-03-14 1:43 PM Juicy tidbit from Fed-Boeing server: They subcontracted Renraku to design the Expert program to fly the new Raven fighter jet. > Nuyen Nick Link
2054-03-12 4:06 PM Forget the Banshee for a few weeks. Rumor is the Cutters are looking to teach the owner a lesson. #steerclear > Yankee Link
2054-03-11 3:14 PM Finally got a new password: ItBugsMe. That doesn't sound ominous. At all. Link
2054-03-10 9:27 AM Came across an elf all done up in clown makeup far too late for Mardi Gras. I turned down his offer. He was just too strange. > Findler-Man Link
2054-03-08 6:38 AM Rumours about a dragon running for office? Welcome to the sixth World! "A Dragon Statesman" … Shadowland > Conspir-I-See Link
2054-03-07 2:42 AM The Universal Brotherhood just bought the Taetzel building through a series of shell corps. Why? > The Chromed Accountant Link
2054-03-05 6:12 AM @Weasel Brackhaus has been sniffing around the Barrens looking for potential operators. #steerclear > Yankee Link
2075-03-03 2:44 PM Anyone got info on this Hans Brackhaus fella? > Weasel Link

Februar 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Februar 2054
2054-02-28 5:08 AM What’s the skinny on Ultra Resort? The IC built up around that LTG is fragging arctic. > Fastjack Link
2054-02-27 6:04 AM Telestrian Holding’s attempted purchase of the Seamstress Union property is dead and buried. Shadowrunners 1 Corps 0. > Fastjack Link
2054-02-25 4:48 AM Don't get too comfy with that Doc Wagon card. Word is CrashCart’s looking to snatch up the corp’s expiring city contract. > Nuyen Nick Link
2054-02-23 6:54 AM I get that orks and trolls and even elves get a lot of heat, but dwarves don’t even cause trouble on trid flicks. Leave us be, Humanis scum! Link
2054-02-22 4:14 AM #Laubenstein Lights Nightclub is open again! Thank goodness, I was tired of the #BigRhino! Link
2054-02-20 6:00 AM Another elf turned up dead in Glow City. I’d guess corporate by what’s left of the threads. > SPD Link
2054-02-18 7:35 AM #Sony #BattleTac™ system rated the number one item of interest in last season’s Desert Wars! Link
2054-02-16 8:29 AM #NukitBurgers’ new French fry recipe rated number one by @GreasyFingers Magazine! Link
2054-02-15 2:42 AM This week's special feature is a little something for you gun-nuts out there: Shadowland Gun node weekly chat Shadowland >Wedge Link
2054-02-14 8:50 AM Visit the Renraku Arcology, designed specifically for the safety of our residents! Model units now open! Link
2054-02-13 9:39 AM #NERPS! It’s that simple! Link
2054-02-11 4:55 PM The little birdie clearly's got a pro-ork and -troll thing going. Latest password is tuskertrust Link
2054-02-11 9:16 AM You know I’m really starting to wonder what the frag this thing is for. Just seems like someone is putting random stuff on it! >Field Decker Link
2054-02-09 2:40 AM Sometimes, the difference between one year and another is the date. Sometimes, the difference is far lesser a thing. > Man-Of-Many-Names Link
2054-02-08 7:24 AM Happy #Chinese #NewYear everyone! Remember to properly ID the sound before you return fire, there’s kids out there with fireworks! Link
2054-02-07 8:43 AM Hey, #ShadowLand, I got in using just “Swordfish” as the password, really hard to gue… [User Disconnected] Link
2054-02-06 10:34 AM New from #Fuchi, the #Cyber-6E Cyberdeck! Ergonomics and style combined with processing power! Link
2054-02-05 9:11 AM #YouShouldNotEatSoMuch, Pier 60, LTG 206(56-9288). Bring the family! Link
2054-02-04 9:25 AM Dance on the dark side at #ClubPenumbra. Everyone looks good in the dark … Link
2054-02-03 7:18 AM OK, really? Someone’s going to try the fake badge trick on ME? > SPD Link
2054-02-02 4:07 AM New #Bose Cyberaudio system now available in the UCAS! Get your set at A Whole New You, Inc. Link
2054-02-01 4:07 AM Captain Chaos couldn't fall asleep and started wondering what the Year of the Dog means to you Magicians out there ... Dog Days... Shadowland > Captain Chaos Link
2054-02-01 8:37 AM Tonight’s forecast is rain, freezing rain, and gunfire. For more details, tune into #KSAF News! Link

Januar 2054[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Januar 2054
2054-01-31 1:35 PM Still haven’t made your #NewYearsResolutions? Try harder at #PsyFit! Link
2054-01-30 2:21 PM How the frag do you dress too poorly for a meet at the #SeamstressesUnion? It’s like these kids are trying to slot me off! > Hatchetman Link
2054-01-29 6:13 PM New #StreetSamuraiCatalog is now ready for download! > Nightfire Link
2054-01-28 7:50 AM Celebrate your gun jamming with Hong Kong knockoff ammo from H&K, is more like it. > Wedge Link
2054-01-27 7:22 AM #NewYears is coming, celebrate it with a new box of #HK #Ammunition! Link
2054-01-26 8:23 AM @FieldDecker: Sorry, new spam virus spreading through everything. Doing what I can. > Captain Chaos Link
2054-01-25 10:12 AM Sir Kham was spotted in Club Penumbra! Learn more about the who's who of this famous nightclub at Shadowland "Whos who at Club Penumbra" … Shadowland > Firesupport Alpha
(via > Cpt. Chaos)
2054-01-25 6:45 AM @CaptainChaos: When are you going to do something about the spam? > Field Decker Link
2054-01-24 7:47 AM #Ares #Roadmaster, when your cargo absolutely, positively needs to get there unmolested! Link
2054-01-23 8:21 AM Join the brotherhood of the universe with the UB, peace and connection can be found at any of our chapters, all metahumans welcome! Link
2054-01-22 6:08 AM @KAPOW_KAPOW Exclusive on @MariaMercurial! Only on Pirate Broadcasts!!! Link
2054-01-21 10:33 AM @ShadowLand is currently down due to foreseen circumstances. Honestly, #CompanyMen really need to work on their #OpSec. > FastJack Link
2054-01-20 9:13 AM Tienes hambre? Para llenar ese vientre vacio, recoge algunas #Stuffers en el #StufferShack! Link
2054-01-20 9:15 AM Enjoy NERPS responsibly. NERPS conforms to all ASTM safety standards and UCAS FDA requirements. (1/20/54) Link
2054-01-19 5:34 AM Seattle Port Authority reports rise in smuggling and trafficking of controlled substances,led by BTLs. —Seattle News Intelligencer (1/19/54) Link
2054-01-18 7:15 AM We're discussing the Universal Brotherhood over at Shadowland! Don't miss it and tell us your experiences: "Universal Brotherhood - awsome or just great" Shadowland > Field Decker
(via > Cpt. Chaos)
2054-01-18 7:10 AM If you’re ever in doubt, DUCK. > Hatchetman (1/18/54) Link
2054-01-17 11:02 AM Metahuman rights activist Laura Reisen to speak at Univ. of Washington on 2/14/54. Get tickets now! —Seattle News Intelligencer (1/17/54) Link
2054-01-16 7:24 PM @aardrian Wait, there's a town without a Stuffer Shack? I thought there were laws against that! Link
2054-01-16 7:22 AM Wish we had one in Buffalo.
I guess the little birdie's hungry, because it says the magic word is stu4shack
@aardrian Link
2054-01-16 12:33 PM Any day in which I can encounter that much Black IC in a node and walk away with a normal EEG is a good day. > Pzip (1/16/54) Link
2054-01-16 12:30 PM Something’s definitely brewing between the Ancients and the O’Malley Family. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. >Findler-Man (1/15/54) Link
2054-01-15 10:54 AM So, how long before the Cabrini Green ghoul haven in Chicago blows up in our faces? I can’t wait to say “I told you so.” > Bung(1/15/54) Link
2054-01-14 11:51 AM Legendary rockers Concrete Dreams rumored to play secret concert at Club Penumbra! Tell your friends! > KA-POW! KA-POW! (1/14/54) Link
2054-01-13 5:38 AM The Anglos have yet again stirred up something in the tribal lands. Let us hope they have the will to contain it. > Ghost Dancer (1/13/54) Link
2054-01-12 9:37 AM Another chummer of mine vanished out in the Salish-Shidhe Council lands. Time to go bandersnatch hunting. > Keynesian Kid (1/12/54) Link
2054-01-11 2:58 AM Not sure whether this is related to the latest news on Channel 4, but somebody dug up some nasty Azzies-business: Shadowland about the things happening in the Az-Pyramid Shadowland Link
2054-01-11 1:53 AM Break-in at the Aztechnology Pyramid; gunshots reported. News at 1800, only on KOMA, Channel 4. (1/11/54) Link
2054-01-10 2:07 AM Join the Aztechnology family, and we’ll guide you into the Future by taking a tour of the Past. Aztechnology: It’s in Our Blood. (1/10/54) Link
2054-01-09 2:17 AM A mage I know just up and disappeared. Can’t reach her personal LTG. This is really starting to worry me. > Hangfire (1/9/54) Link
2054-01-08 8:45 PM Soars With Eagles, a shaman friend of mine, went missing two days ago. If anyone’s heard anything, please let me know. > KAM (1/8/54) Link
2054-01-07 8:42 AM Still searching for your purpose in life? Banish that doubt and join the Universal Brotherhood. We’ll give your life meaning. (1/7/54) Link
2054-01-06 8:23 AM Come join us at Mount Shasta for this weekend’s Hestaby Watch. Signs are good for a sighting of the Great Dragon. > Wyrm Watcher (1/6/54) Link
2054-01-05 10:38 AM Anyone been to Organ Grinders and had a bad experience? I can still feel my guts gurgling. And no, I’m NOT just hungry. >Chrome Cat (1/5/54) Link
2054-01-04 1:18 PM R.I.P Four-Oh-Four! Something is going on with the Cutters and she died investigating. Got intel? Let us know! Shadowland "The Cutters are planning something big" … Shadowland > Bit Basher
(via Cpt. Chaos)
2054-01-04 11:28 AM Awakened comedy for the whole family! Watch the Odd Coven, tonight at 1900, only on KONG Channel 5! (1/4/54) Link
2054-01-03 10:21 AM Local artificers claim costs for magical reagents have skyrocketed; blame placed on increased critter aggression (1/3/54) Link
2054-01-02 12:54 PM Lone Star: Serving the Law Enforcement needs of the Seattle metroplex since 2023. “It’s never too late to hit a PANICBUTTON.” (1/2/54) Link
2054-01-01 1:00 PM Need help keeping your resolutions? Start the new year right, with NERPS! Available wherever fine products are sold. (1/1/54) Link

Dezember 2053[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Dezember 2053
2053-12-31 7:12 PM My New Year’s resolution? Same one every year: Stay one step ahead of the bullet that has my name on it. > Nightfire (12/31/53) Link
2053-12-31 3:32 PM Birdie with Lodge connections has a sense of humor--password he just slipped me is thenewblack. Way to be covert. Link
2053-12-30 11:48 AM The Allegiance Alpha cyberdeck: A fast, fun, and affordable connection to the Matrix! Buy 1 for everyone! (12/30/53) Link
2053-12-29 10:33 AM The Cutters are getting bolder of late. Can’t figure out why they’re trying to muscle in on Halloweeners turf. > SPD (12/29/53) Link
2053-12-28 6:25 AM Bad news for all you Reisen-lovers out there, SPD dug up some nasty stuff about her: "A Reisen for the Season" … Shadowland > SPD
(via > Cpt. Chaos)
2053-12-28 6:24 AM Word to the wise: If you work in Seattle, don’t conduct your ritual sorcery outside. It ALWAYS rains before you can finish. > Roz (12/28/53) Link
2053-12-27 11:25 AM Fuchi’s Seattle branch is currently in search of experienced “Matrix specialists.” I am all over this one, chummers. >FastJack (12/27/53) Link
2053-12-26 11:00 AM Any spellslingers out there looking for shadow work? Give me a buzz on my private LTG. I may have something for you. >Hangfire (12/26/53) Link
2053-12-25 10:02 AM NERPS, for all of your biological needs! Now available in low-sodium variety. (12/25/53) Link
2053-12-24 10:27 AM It's not too late to holiday shop for your loved ones. Visit your local Weapons World and pick up an Ares Predator, ON SALE NOW! (12/24/53) Link
2053-12-23 7:48 AM What d'you get a ghoul for Xmas? A fully automatic lead sandwich, that’s what. Fragger nearly bit my arm off. >Bung (12/23/53) Link
2053-12-23 7:43 AM @SvenTSexgore Chirp chirp. Or wait, that's the wrong sound for this particular venue, isn't it? Link
2053-12-23 7:34 AM Sounds like it's for the birds to me.... @SvenTSexgore Link
2053-12-23 7:34 AM @AlfredMcDougle Whoever's foolish enough to carry lots of credsticks. Or ride hot bikes. Link
2053-12-23 7:33 AM @Atzetylaen Who knows why dandelion-eaters do anything? I've given up trying to think like them. Link
2053-12-23 7:32 AM Got a new password, probably from some neo-a or something. It's freebogota. Now I just have to figure out where it goes. >Hatchetman Link
2053-12-22 10:59 AM thx for the heads up. We'll be circling the I5 tonight than. Anyone know why the dandelion eaters are buzzing around? @Atzetylaen Link
2053-12-22 1:01 PM Shiiiit. Could never stand 'dose pointies... anyone know who theyre out to kill/rob? @AlfredMcDougle Link
2053-12-22 10:42 AM Anyone traveling I-5 southbound towards Tacoma, keep your guard up. The Ancients are out and roaming in force tonight. >SPD (12/22/53) Link
2053-12-21 3:47 AM Today marks the 42nd birthday of the Sixth World. Happy Awakening day, everyone! >Captain Chaos (12/21/53) Link